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Newborn Photographer in Greensboro, NC

Newborn Photographer in Winston Salem, NC

Newborn Photographer in Kernersville, NC

Family Photographer in Greensboro, NC

Family Photographer in Winston Salem, NC

Family Photographer in Kernersville, NC

Birth Photographer in Greensboro, NC

Birth Photographer in Winston Salem, NC

Birth Photographer in Kernersville, NC

Tiffany + Reese's Engagement Session

One of the first questions I ask my brides is to give me a brief version of their love story. Tiffany and Reese’s was one the most unique stories I’ve ever heard. It’s one of those stories that just make you feel all warm inside. Tiffany and Reese were very close friends for years but never took that next step to a relationship. After a brief attempt at dating they decided that it just didn’t work, but in that time Tiffany realized that she was pregnant with Reese’s baby. Now some people may would decide to “stick it out” but that wasn’t God’s plan for these two. They decided to do what was best for their daughter and be the best co-parents possible. A couple of years ago they even started seeing other people, but that was the wake up call they needed to realize that they just didn’t want to live without each other. Giving in to God’s will and putting their relationship in His hands they’ve found what they’ve been missing all along.

This was my first engagement session and honestly these two have probably spoiled me by setting the bar so high for all future couples. Tiffany and Reese just couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. There was very little posing direction I had to give. All I had to do was just sit back and capture the love. I hope it shines through to you as well.



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