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Newborn Photographer in Greensboro, NC

Newborn Photographer in Winston Salem, NC

Newborn Photographer in Kernersville, NC

Family Photographer in Greensboro, NC

Family Photographer in Winston Salem, NC

Family Photographer in Kernersville, NC

Birth Photographer in Greensboro, NC

Birth Photographer in Winston Salem, NC

Birth Photographer in Kernersville, NC

"Dark and Moody"

Does anybody else ever wonder who “they” are? You know who I’m talking about right? “They” have an opinion about everything. “They” say...


Well apparently in the photography world the mysterious “they” said that you have to have a consistent style and you can only have that one style. All of your pictures should look consistent to establish your brand, “they” say. Don’t get me wrong, I think if you’re editing in one style that they should all look consistent. But what’s so wrong with having two different styles? Or maybe even more than two different styles? Everything and everyone is not just black and white. We can love multiple different styles at the same time and that's okay! I’ve always been drawn to and love to edit my pictures in a “bright and airy” style. I do feel like this style is timeless and classic. If you look back at your pictures decades from now that will still look amazing. But for certain situations I really love the look that “they” have described as “dark and moody”. And I eventually want to offer different editing packages. 


I’ve included a few pictures in this style in clients galleries before, but this is the first session that I’ve edited in it’s entirety in this style. Now some backstory on this session: I was supposed to be taking some prom pictures for my sister, Summer, and my cousin, Autumn. I had to shoot a brunch wedding that day in Raleigh, and once I got home our very very pregnant cat, Hunny, went missing. After looking (and freaking out) for about 20 minutes I had to give it up and head to meet Summer and Autumn. By the time I got there they had already left for dinner. Luckily, Raven had captured some pictures with my Mom’s new camera - which is where my love for Photography all started a decade ago, but I'll talk about that in a later blog! Never wanting to waste a good sunset me and Raven decided it was the perfect opportunity to photograph her!

Raven is a fan of the “dark and moody”editing style and it fits her personality perfectly. I worked hard tweaking and perfecting this style just for her... and to satisfy my curiosity. I am so impressed with the end result!

Also, if you're wondering if Hunny had her kittens that night, she did! We came home to 6 sweet little tiny kittens! 

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