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Newborn Photographer in Greensboro, NC

Newborn Photographer in Winston Salem, NC

Newborn Photographer in Kernersville, NC

Family Photographer in Greensboro, NC

Family Photographer in Winston Salem, NC

Family Photographer in Kernersville, NC

Birth Photographer in Greensboro, NC

Birth Photographer in Winston Salem, NC

Birth Photographer in Kernersville, NC

Meet Jaxon

This blog is part three of a series of blogs aimed at taking an in-depth look at each of our kids. We decided to put together some questions, some funny and some serious, that would give you a special insight to our children. Last weeks blog looked at Micah, if you missed that one just click here. Next up is Jaxon, also known as Jax, Jax-boy, little bubba or KJ-Kyle Junior. Jaxon is strong willed, sensitive, wild, imaginative, sweet and he’s kind of a maniac. Jaxon moves non-stop and I mean constantly, like to the point if you don’t hear him moving it’s concerning. He just finished his first year of preschool at Triad Baptist Church in Kernersville. He made so much growth this year in his behavior and in his learning. It was so sweet to see him making little friends for the first time. Of course we as parents tend to get ahead of ourselves and start planning our kids lives out. We start picturing his new friend being his best friend and that cute little girl being his girlfriend one day. Sometimes we have to remember to pump the brakes and cherish these moments. One of the best things from his first year of school is that he was able to learn a lot about God. He would catch us off guard so many times with the things he would say. One day I was picking with him and I said, “Where did you get that cute butt?!?” and as serious as he could be said, “Jesus made me.” So often he would come home and start singing “The Bible Song” or “Jesus Loves Me”. He’s always the first to raise his hand when we ask who wants to bless the food at meals and proceeds to thank God for every person in our family (all the way out to Great-Grandparents). He’s such a dynamic little boy, I can’t wait to see the man he grows up to be.

Me: What is your favorite color?

Jaxon: umm blue,

Me: What is your favorite toy? (this can change at any moment with Jaxon but lately he has been so into Transformers and Power Rangers)

Jaxon: Optimus Prime (funny thing is this toy I believe came out of a Happy Meal)

Me: What is your favorite TV show?

Jaxon: Optimus Prime (he loves any of the Transformers variations on Netflix, Kyle cannot wait to take him to see the new movie this summer.)


Me: What is your favorite food?

Jaxon: dinosaur chicken nuggets

Me: What is your favorite animal?

Alligator and creek and bird, snake, dog and crocodile.

Me: What is your favorite song?

Jaxon: Jesus Loves Me…..Crocodile song!

Me: What is the Crocodile song?

(He then proceeds to sing a made up a song about crocodiles, dinosaurs and butterflies. Odd combo I know but it had a good rhythm to it lol.

Me: What is your favorite book?

Jaxon: Dinotrux

(Part Dinosaur-part heavy duty construction equipment wrecking and building stuff, what more does a boy need.)

Me: Who is your best friend?

Jaxon: Tomas and Liam


Me: What is your favorite thing to do outside?

Jaxon: Play with dogs and play with Transformer.

Me: What is your favorite drink?

Jaxon: Pepsi and milk(he calls any soda Pepsi, but was introduced by Papa Donnie who only drinks Pepsi)

Me: What do you like to take to bed with you at night?

Jaxon: My chocolate monkey (a tiny brown stuffed monkey).

Me: What do you like best about your sister?

Jaxon: Beautiful sissy

Me: What about your bubba?

Jaxon: Bubba is my friend, sissy is my friend too.

Me: What was your favorite thing you learned in school this year?

Jaxon: The letters

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