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Newborn Photographer in Greensboro, NC

Newborn Photographer in Winston Salem, NC

Newborn Photographer in Kernersville, NC

Family Photographer in Greensboro, NC

Family Photographer in Winston Salem, NC

Family Photographer in Kernersville, NC

Birth Photographer in Greensboro, NC

Birth Photographer in Winston Salem, NC

Birth Photographer in Kernersville, NC

Target + Cake and All Things Yummy

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a weakness for Target, I mean my husband quivers in fear when I sweetly say, “I’m just going to run in Target for a minute.” After my usual scouring of the “Hot Spot” (ladies don’t act like you don’t love the Hot Spot) my husband will typically try and steer me away from the girls clothes. They are easily my biggest weakness, all that gold and pink, so dang cute. I can rarely get Bella to wear “girly clothes” so any chance I get I will jump on it. With my husband safely pre-occupied at the gym, Bella and I made our way to Target for a quick shopping spree. Of course after buying such cute outfits we had to try them on and have a quick photo shoot. Our first venture out we didn’t get too far (I'm so over it getting dark at 5:00) but our second try we decided to explore downtown Kernersville a little bit, something I’ve been wanting to do since moving here in August. We found our way down to the corner of Mountain and Main Street to one of the cutest bakeries I’ve ever seen, Cake and All Things Yummy. We made our way inside to some friendly service and some delightful smelling treats. I then paid up on my part of the deal for getting Bella to model for me by buying her a cookie.